SA ISM I – New release from Social Ambitions

Here is SA ISM I #ism

SA ISM I - Artwork by Thomas Berger

SA ISM I – Artwork by Thomas Berger


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SA ISM by Social Ambitions ask you

 ”Your ism?”

Some suggestions to get you going.

Sexism, racism, nudism, kubism, buddhism and futurism.

Feminism, islamism, sadism, minimalism and relativism.

Industrialism, communism, satanism, nationalism, shamanism and fatalism.

Funkism, loveism, danceism, hateism and stupidism.

Dragonism, witchism… saism

The ism and you

There are rules for everyone. The are concepts and dogmas. Need more isms?What is your ism?

About the music

Scientifically, soulfully and mystically approved by the council of SA and the saism dogma. The first part, SA ISM I,  will be available on all relevant digital and subconscious distribution utilities in July 2016.

The special “Cerberus II Edit” of the new track – “Strumming My Name” – is now available with the compilation Let There Be Synth Vol. 5. Released March 26 by Kodapa Productions.

It’s dark, haunting with staggering beats. A synth club floor filler. Cerberus is coming… “You never gonna stop me!”

Get Volume 5.2 at:

Some other bands participating: Machinista, Dpoint, Mechatronic, Cinemascape, Vogon Poetry…

Article about the compilation from

Judgement Day from Social Ambitions

Judgement Day cover art by Thomas Berger (BergerBerger)

Judgement Day cover art by Thomas Berger (BergerBerger)

Swedish electro pop duo Social Ambitions just relesed the new single Judgement Day.

Inspired by the almost unbearable feeling you get at dawn after a night of clubbing and longing for something more.

Judgement Day is produced together with Peter Lönngren (Peter Aries).




Peter Aries Remix


Free Swedish Electro vol 1 compilation to download

The Facebook group SWEDISH ELECTRO SCENE has compiled a massive set of 27 swedish acts, giving away one track each for free download.

Download now!